Your Visit To Us

Your Visit To Us for your Private Appointment

Your Visit To Us is all about having a fun relaxing experience. Because we know how daunting it can feel.
We Offer-
Lots of choice and no limits on what you try on. But please let us advise too!
Totally private appointments, with a friendly atmosphere. 
We Offer-
Payment Plans to help spread the cost.
And a delayed measurements service, if you find a dress but want to wait a while to be measured.

What to Expect

About a Bride is a family run business.  We offer many years of experience and individual attention.   
Size is never an issue in the shop, we embrace your curves and will do everything we can to make you feel amazing

At Your Visit to us Appointments are always private; who wants to stand next to another bride wearing the dress you thought might be ‘the one’ ?
You want your appointment to be just about you. Because it is all about you and your Special Day.

The shop is closed for each Bride, if you don’t want help getting into our dresses we let you get into them yourself.
We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your experience.

We will listen to you and what matters to you. 
And offer advice on dresses to suit your body shape.
Our after sales service is just a message away, we understand this is all new to you. So if you have any questions just get in touch.

Most of our brides travel a fair distance and it is rare that they don’t find ‘the one’ we are worth the journey.
Your Visit to Us is one we want you to remember on your Wedding Journey.

Our Pictures and reviews of Happy Brides  tell it better than we can.

What We Offer

We have dresses available that you can Customise and make your own,     
Add or remove a train, change the colour, add sleeves or straps or match with a bolero or a wrap.                                                                                                                                                          We don’t just try and sell you a standard size wedding dress in a larger size. That rarely works! 

You will receive our totally individual attention; our Brides don’t want to go home so happy are they! They enjoy the About a Bride experience and you will too.

At Your visit to us you will have fun and so will we, your happiness is our enjoyment.

And that is our promise and guarantee.

Contact us:

01908 631631