Tips and Advice for your Visit

Tips to help you choose your wedding dress at About a Bride Plus Size!

Most Brides are really worried that nothing is going to fit. But that just doesn’t happen in our shop.
We carry several sizes of some dresses and have size 44 plus on our rails to try on

What do you need to bring?

For trying on all our Beautiful Wedding Dresses, a good supporting bra will help show your figure to its best advantage. But don’t rush out and buy one though, wait until you’ve decided on your dress. 

If you have your shoes bring them, but most often the dresses will be too long.

Try and have an open mind, although we would never push any styles on you to try, with our years of experience we do have an eye for what will suit. We let you pick out any dresses you want to try, then if you are open to suggestions we bring out what we think will suit you.

We do ask that your guests take a seat and allow us to show you what we have, so we can listen to what it is you want.

Please don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable having help in the changing room.  We understand some brides feel shy, you can dress yourself or we will help at anytime you ask.
It’s your choice!

Tips on Hiding arms!
That’s the most discussed part of curvier brides bodies we’ve found. But with the right dress for you, we often prove that worry wrong.

If you really are set on covering up, we have a very good selection of  dresses with sleeves or they can be added.
Boleros and wraps are available to match each dress.

Most importantly if you have any concerns at all about your appointment, please get in touch so we can help, and talk through any worries you have.
It’s the most Important dress you will ever wear. We understand you want it to be perfect

We want you to enjoy your experience with us.

Contact us:

01908 631631